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Plastic Surgery in Bangalore, India

Bangalore is one of India's largest and fastest developing cities and is the capital of the state of Karnataka. The majority of India's Information Technology and Biotechnology companies have their headquarters in Bangalore, and the city is acknowledged as India's Silicon Valley. World-class medical facilities are also available in Bangalore and the city has emerged as one of the top centers of medical excellence in the country. Bangalore is also one of the major destinations in India for international medical tourism. Plastic surgery is among the most highly sought-after surgical procedures in Bangalore.

Historically, Bangalore has played an important role in the development of reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery in India. And one of the institutions which has played a seminal role in the advancement of plastic surgery in Bangalore is the Indian Army's Southern Command Teaching Hospital. Incidentally, Dr. Susheel Cleatus has served as Consultant and Honorary Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the same hospital for over a decade. The center for maxillofacial plastic surgery at Bangalore was formed by the merger of two of the earliest maxillofacial surgical units of the Indian Army.

If you are thinking of performing your plastic surgery procedures in India, there can be no better destination than Bangalore. Bangalore is well-connected to major international cities by air with direct flights, and it is also well-connected to other Indian cities by air, rail and road. The city is blessed with a mild climate all-year round, it has a sizeable expatriate population, and offers a number of options for shopping and sight-seeing. A growing number of luxury and budget hotels, as well as a number of serviced apartments provide quality accommodation in Bangalore for visitors of all categories. Bangalore also has plenty of avenues for entertainment and a vibrant night-life.

Reconstructive and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery consultations in Bangalore by Dr. Susheel Cleatus are done at the Fortis Hospitals on Cunningham Road and opposite the Indian Institute of Management on Bannerghata Road. Plastic Surgery PLC has tied up with a number of service providers to ensure that your visit for plastic surgery in Bangalore is perfectly co-ordinated. From making international travel arrangements to your local stay in Bangalore, Plastic Surgery PLC offers you help. All things considered, Bangalore is certainly one of the best cities in India to have your plastic surgery procedures performed.

One of the best options for performing palstic surgery procedures at Bangalore is at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre, Bangalore. The Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre is today recognised as Bangalore's best Plastic Surgery clinic and Dr. Cleatus is the Chief Consultant of the centre. The Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre provides a variety of cosmetic procedures for patients from Bangalore and abroad. The Centre is located right in the heart of downtown Bangalore and the plastic surgery facilities are easily accessible from various locations in Bangalore.

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